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MMFF is a health and fitness brand offering premium nutritional supplements. We encourage our customers to lab test our products and are the first nutraceutical to offer 100% money back guarantee in case of any discrepancies found in our products with respect to our lab reports. At the end of the day, we want to drive home the message – Being Fit Can Look A Million Different Ways!

Our story

In 2015, we had a less than satisfactory experience when we discovered that one of the best selling isolate protein brands in India were selling fake products. This propelled us to research fitness and dietary supplements with respect to the Indian market which further incentivized us to manufacture our own products in collaboration with a team of experts and scientists. After multiple rounds of safety and quality checks, we were convinced that our products were ready to hit the markets and get acquainted with the fitness demographic.

At the end of the day, we embarked on this journey to create a brand that fills a large gap in a market that is otherwise riddled with an influx of fake or fraudulent products. We were inspired to consolidate a brand that is committed to a 100% transparency about our sourcing and production process and serves to empower YOU – the consumer.


MMFF is headquartered in Pune, India and is owned by Mohmmed Musavi – a fitness expert and coach with over 20 years in the industry under his belt – and his brother Mayannk Y. Thadaney – a 26 year old serial entrepreneur, copy writer, numerologist, business development specialist and philanthropist.

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happy transformations

Our supplements along with the right fitness routine guarantee results. Mohmmed gained 20 kgs due to consumption of poorly formulated supplements. But this further emboldened him to fill a gap in the fitness industry in India by launching MMFF. He has now undergone an incredible transformation due to MMFF's potent formulations. Check out some other happy transformations of our customers who have used MMFF.

A glimpse into Mohmmed’s star-studded clientele and fitness endeavours.

Authenticity Guarantee

Our manufacturing unit is FDA approved. All the supplements we produce are subject to a stringent process of quality control. Everything that we mention on our labels are 100% guaranteed. We have a team of scientists who are working on testing and improving all our products. We stand by our policy of 100% money back guarantee. Every product comes with a certified lab report. We encourage you to get the products lab tested yourself and if what is mentioned on the bottle does not correspond with the lab reports, you are entitled to receive your money back.

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